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Online Research

Confield provides custom online market research solutions and is able to undertake projects regardless of scale and complexity. Confield programs and hosts online surveys and is able to address recruitment in a number of ways:
  • Online access panel recruitment via one of Confield’s regular panel providers
  • Data collection
  • Telephone to web recruitment
  • Face-2-Face recruit to web
Our programming team is able to handle a variety of survey content from the simple to the complex:
  • Multimedia (static full color images, audio, and video)
  • Conjoint/ Choice Based Modules
  • Complex routing, rotations, branching
Via our client portal, project owners are able to monitor progress of key parameters such as overall completion, key quotas, subgroups, etc.
Leveraging our strong heritage in home use product testing, Confield offers in home product testing with online survey completion.

To learn more about Confield capabilities, please contact us.