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Data Processing

Confield’s DP team provides our clients with a number of data processing services including:
  • Questionnaire Programming: We are able to program survey questionnaires and data entry masks in Nebu, a professional market research software and can undertake all data collection platforms including: Telephone, CAPI, Online, or WAPI

  • Data Preparation: Confield provides data preparation services which includes data entry, validation & cleaning, and coding. We regularly deliver data in a variety of formats such as ASCII, Quantum ASCII, SPSS, XLS, CSV, etc.. Additionally, we can work specialized formats as well.

  • Coding: Confield’s coding team can carry out any kind of coding. From coding with a client provided code frame to developing a custom Code Frame, we can handle most assignments.

  • Data Tabulation: We provide full data tabulation services which include cross tabulation & filtering and can deliver tables in a variety of formats. We can undertake most projects regardless of size, number of countries, number of data sets, etc.

  • Specialized Analysis: We also offer specialized services for brand research including brand mapping, and brand profiling.
All of our data processing services under go a rigorous quality check to ensure we deliver high quality error free data.
To learn more about Confield capabilities, please contact us.